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1d12 contents of the colossal fish's stomach

This is a translation of a post originally published in 2017. More posts in English here.

If a fish swallows the whole party, what do they find inside?

1. Giant crabs. They give the fish indigestion.
2. A princess of an undersea kingdom, looking for a way out. Her father would pay generously anyone that returns her to her home.
3. A civilization of short tritons.
4. A giant tapeworm.
5. Judging by the silhouettes they look like Pinocchio and Gepetto, but they are just two hobos camping.
6. A tribe of shrimpmen looking for a way out. They are pacific, but not trusty.
7. Puddles of toxic plancton. They make the fish sick.
8. Remains of a pirate galleon and its booty. Only the captain, Roder Doublebeard, survived. Now he has gone crazy and declared himself King of the Fish.
9. Extra-tough sharks adapted to live in the stomach acids.
10. A valuable and rare coral. It's part of the creature's gut flora.
11. Whalers swallowed by the creature. Now they are investigating the best way to kill the fish from insisde to sell its corpse.
12. A colossal fish hook. It is quite disturbing...

Thanks for reading. Valmar Cerenor!

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